Having already begun a colour theme at the front of the house, I wanted to continue the palette through to the backyard.  With the grey stucco on the house and the grey pavers on the patios, and then the windows, door and railing glass framed in black, I wanted to introduce some colour in the garden. 

Preferring a richer, limited palette rather than a larger variety of colour I chose the darker reds and purples of berberis, euphorbia and heuchera obsidian to tie in with the maple and the ornamental plum trees; and the varied greens of the choisyas, sorbaria sorbifolia and vibrant succulents to add a fresh layered contrast.

In order to update the look and still use the existing concrete charcoal grey pavers, I devised a pathway and layout that incorporated pebbles and aluminum edging.  The pebbles added texture and broke up the heavier look of the pavers. The wood planter boxes, wood retaining wall and the wood finish of the composite decking added a warm contrast to the concrete greys and rich green turf.

The grasses and driftwood added a more rugged, beachy element to the beds and a more casual feel to the backyard.

Part Three: “Materials” will be posted tomorrow!