While looking at the before and after shots of some new project photos, it struck me again just how important it is to invest some serious time into planning the lighting and switching layouts of your renovation early on in the process.  

These before and after shots highlight the impact of the many lighting changes we made in this one area of a recent project to ensure that we met all of the client’s general and task, as well as ambient, lighting needs.

We replaced the can lights with new, more efficient LED pot lights, making sure that we allocated enough pots to address the bulkhead shadows and provide ample general lighting.  Under-cabinet puck lighting tackled the areas under the cabinetry where the overhead lighting couldn’t reach and additional task lighting was installed over the kitchen sink and peninsular counter spaces.

In the family nook off the kitchen, we removed the outdated, off-centre track lighting and installed pot lights as well as a chandelier giving the client the option for both general and ambient lighting.  Planning at the rough-in stage is particularly important if you decide to hang a chandelier as most full size chandeliers are too heavy to hang from a standard electrical box and will require extra support.

Lighting switches were installed at the entrance to each room, using multiway switching when there was more than one entryway.  Dimmers are important in almost every space, especially for the overhead pot lights, as our lighting needs can change often depending on the task or mood.   Avoiding big banks of switches and moving them from focal walls can really tidy up the space.

Remember most lighting decisions have to be made at rough-in stage.  Any changes later on may not be possible and will almost always involve cutting holes in finished drywall.

It is always important to work with trusted, qualified electricians and obtain the necessary permits for any electrical work carried out.  Thanks to AJ’s Electrical for another great job – always a pleasure working with your professional and experienced team members.


Check out my earlier blog on Making the Shift to LED Lighting for some thoughts on LED light selection.  

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